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Welcome To Play Sports Academy,


Where development is our number one priority. In order to ensure a fun and encouraging environment with our players, our main way to allow players to develop is through our proven method of play.  During your child’s first week with Play Sports Academy our expert coaches will observe and assess your child’s individual human and game characteristics to ensure that they are placed in a group that will give them the correct challenge point to help them maximise their development. Play Sports Academy believes wholly in long-term child/player development to ensure they fall in love with the sport whilst learning key skills along the way.

 - Developmental players play in house once to twice a month

 - Our emphasis is on each individual player to succeed and learn the tools to manage the game, the skills, and the     four core values of the game. 

 - Developmental players have the option of training 1-3 times a week.

 - Each player is given a monthly assessment on their growth and skills acquired and where to keep improving upon.

- Games are played small sided to build confidence on the ball and allow players to get more touches. most games are either played 3v3, 4v4 and players playing down a man to learn through pressure.

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